Harry Treadaway at the Penny Dreadful panel during Comic-Con International 2014 (July 24, 2014)

harry treadaway at comic con july 24, 2014

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*N O P E


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Italian photographer Alessio Albi captures stunningly atmospheric portraits filled with subtly subdued tones and beautiful natural light.

oscar lafayette | twenty three | the damned

sullen, arrogant, overprotective, ill tempered, charming, austere. this is who oscar is to the world outside of his and his twin sister’s. he’s a young man that can intimidate with a glance, who can cause whispers with how his lips wrap around a hand rolled cigarette as he stares unnervingly. but in the world he shares with dolly he’s different, not warm necessarily but less….severe. in fact you might say that dolly, and dolly alone, is the only one that knows all of oscar’s vulnerabilities. probably because she’s the source of them.

name: bell

age: 25

time zone: est, the only timezone

what you’re excited for/want to see: a world that seems lost in time, where old ladies still sip mint julips and tea out on the porch to spy and spread gossip, where everything is rotting and grimy and nothing looks new or untouched by the corruption of religious zealots, summer humidity, and black magic. a place where charming equals danger and crazy might actually be sane, and more questions are asked then ever answered.

inspirations: the mountain of books that have taken over my room which range from victorian tragic romances to modern horror and everything in between. lots of things actually, too much to list.

describe yourself: the worst? i have an obsession with french women and english, irish, welsh and scottish men, i drink far too much coffee and tea to actually sleep, and work too much to be called anything but a responsible adult

words can be like knives, they can cut you open. and then the silence surrounds you, and haunts you. i think i might have inhaled you, i can feel you behind my eyes. you’ve gotten into my bloodstream, i can feel you flowing in me.