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list of favourite movies(2/∞) - Cracks (2009)

"The most important thing in life is desire. You can achieve anything you want. The world is yours for the taking. Nothing is impossible for you, my girls. All you need is to desire it.”

Imogen Poots as Jess in A Long Way Down

westeria solomon // 23 // prostitute // hollow heart and fractured soul 

Some of us are wild ones, ever underwanted,
I believe

westeria solomon // 23 // petal twisting in the wind // destructive freespirit

sand with its wet tiny grains that are smooth yet scratch at her skin, stick to her feet and squish between her toes. it’s cool as the sun begins to sink into the ocean, striping the cerulean sky with ribbons of lavender, tangerine, raspberry. colours that make her mouth water and curious eyes wide, mummy holds her hand tightly enough that her fingers tingle, because mummy knows her hold will slip and her baby girl has a seriously dangerous case of wanderlust. even at the age of five she’s far more independent then other children, fearless and doesn’t seem to possess that tugging knot behind her bellybutton which would stop her from doing the things that frightened the other children. that frightened mummy.

everything here is suffocating. beginning with her parents, their rules that feel like a glass box they have built around her that she can look out of and be admired from, but never be touched. the people that are meant to be her peers, how small minded and contently morose they are with settling for a future they have not chosen for themselves. the endless coastline that she has memorized with painstaking detail, that once offered her freedom, but now feels like a barrier between herself and the rest of the world. a world that calls to her. that’s waiting for her.

so she does what all gilded flowers do, allows her roots to spread and grow, tempting admires until one is brave -or insane enough- to steal her away. she hitches her star to someone else’s wagon, a boy that made her all the right promises and who she leads horribly astray. she does not believe in the love he speaks of, only of the escape he provides her and the scapegoat she can throw to the wolves when they come sniffing around. because love is the grandest of illusions, the greatest of lies, and she suffers from no guilty conscience using it for gain and ruin. no remorse for the hearts she’s left behind in her wake in her never ending pursuit of herself and happiness that has eluded her still to this day.

thoughts on portrayals: i do tend to lean towards actors and actresses, simply because i’m more familiar with them. i do however use english and french thespians more often then not because there’s something in their aesthetic that i find inspiring and interesting and perfect in the freedom that they display through photo shoots and their work. i love model faces as well, the diversity found within them and how there is a perfection in the imperfections (exaggerated features, very pale and freckled skin, etc) but i’m less familiar with them and it takes me eons to settle on a face as well as finding pictures that scream the character.
name sources: behind the name has been a resource i’ve used for ages, i love that i can pick a category whether that be mythology, literature or a country, and it will give me a list of names. if i’m looking for something a little more out there then nameberry because of their endless lists of curious and creative names. other then those two, i’m the sort that likes to shape a character and then feel out their name if that makes any sense at all.
favorite character types: i love to play someone who isn’t fighting for a cause because it’s the right thing to do, but because he has to in order to protect the ones he loves. not that they would even know he loves them because he’s a more then just a bit damaged and broken and world weary, so he shelters his heart and comes off aloof or downright rude to those that don’t know better or remember the boy who used to smile and laugh all the time, who had an open heart. that’s sort of my go to, a person who’s lost too much in a short time, learnt that life is far from fair and doesn’t care how much you’re hurting or want something. even my female characters tend to end up this way, far less romantic then myself and far more lonely too.
favorite plot lines: i love plots that don’t have just one direction. relationships that are on the brink of falling to pieces and you need to decide are you going to fight or allow the inevitable to happen, and allowing that to happen through development rather then plotting it out. i like things to be hard and passionate, tricky and difficult, characters that put roadblock after roadblock up to keep themselves protected and safe, only to find that one person worth tearing them down for. i’ve never properly had an opportunity to be apart of a big family plot before to be honest, though i do find siblings that are co-dependent and are questionably attached to one another both intriguing and fun to play. large groups of friends that don’t seem to have boundaries with one another is also something i’d like to explore some time.
thoughts on apps: i much prefer freeform apps because of how i write, it gives me the freedom to explore and explain the character as i need to. but i do like a little direction from the admins so i have a jumping off point of what they are looking for, information that they need.
thoughts on setting: big city rather then small town, somewhere gritty and dirty and even fading in places, while other parts gleam. i adore futuristic settings, but give me new york or la or london or paris any day because there are so many places to roam and explore.
anything else: nothing that i can think of at the moment

name or alias: bell
your age: 25
location: est
author blurb: i work too hard and don’t nearly write enough anymore, i tend to procrastinate an unhealthy amount when it comes to things that i only sort of want/need to do, and tend to have six to eight books on the go at the same time causing an interesting melding of plot lines and characters to happen. i like to write more poetically, really taking the time to create the atmosphere and mood of what and who i’m describing or writing. whether or not i’m successful at it remains to be seen.
thoughts so far: i’ve been shamelessly stalking the tag, and i will admit have been intimidated about joining because you’re all so lovely and talented, but the idea is so unique and organic and inspiring i couldn’t resist any longer.
anything you’d like to see: i think you’ve been doing a wonderful job with planting the seeds for ideas and character creation, the inspiring pictures, and contests, so no?

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makin’ it easier to murder your sweet memory…

Chris as Owen Chase (In the Heart of the Sea)

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