words can be like knives, they can cut you open. and then the silence surrounds you, and haunts you. i think i might have inhaled you, i can feel you behind my eyes. you’ve gotten into my bloodstream, i can feel you flowing in me.

Habits (Stay High)

cian macguinness, 22; just another brooklyn irish boy that grew up without a father, an overprotective and strict mother, and wonderlust for what laid beyond the borders of his borough. he’s lived an ordinary life really, church on sunday and part time job to keep him out of trouble after school, but that didn’t stop him from getting into it a little. he could never understand how on his mother’s salary working as a bartender they could afford the apartment he grew up in, the prestigious schools he attended, and food on the table. his mum always told him to stop meddling and asking questions, that his father had left them more then enough to live comfortably as long as they didn’t live outside of their means. and even though he stopped asking her, he still wonders how it’s all possible. if he only knew the truth, it would answer all of his questions, and how he isn’t even a little bit afraid of bianca moretti, just how he feels about her. he’s got a hunger for a life less ordinary, wanting to explore the world and get lost in it, and that’s only been fueled further by his love of reading, devouring book after book as he tries to discover why he feels like a part of himself is missing. there has to be something more, if he only knew the truth about his father and the secrets his mother is keeping from him maybe he wouldn’t feel so adrift.

so i don’t have anything concrete yet, but i’m thinking a guy that’s 30-35, who hiding out in new york, running from his past.

that past being a crazy, psychotic baby mama who’s daddy is an enforcer for the irish mafia in chicago.

what he figured that new york was big enough to blend in, plus he didn’t have the money to get him farther.

that’s all really rough though, so if you’re looking for a guy for a plot, send me an ask. i’m pretty much open to anything.

it was futile, i never should have tried to resist

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"Nothing has really changed for me. I will always approach life from a small-town vibe. It makes experiences more fantastical." 
-Landon Liboiron by Paul Maffi [x]

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she rules her life like a bird in flight, and who will be her lover?

all your life you’ve never seen a woman taken by the wind